BTS Jimin: custom plane and more projects for his birthday that ARMY prepared

Park Jimin one of the seven members of BTS celebrates his 27th birthday (Korean age) on Wednesday, October 13. As is tradition, ARMY around the world dedicate celebration projects and donations in the name of the “Filter” singer . This is how the celebration for the popular ‘mochi’ of Bangtan is lived.

The Jimin Peru fanbase made a special contribution to the Plan International organization which operates in the country with the goal of promoting the rights of girls, their education and protection against violence.

Likewise, the fanclub has a donation campaign open to support Allinllam, an NGO that works to build the first free clinic for children with disabilities in northern Peru. You can find more details in the fanbase form.

Peruvian fans also celebrated their star to the rhythm of the country’s traditional dances in the Peru Dance For Jimin project.

The fanbase Jimin Bar ChinaHe collaborated with the commercial flight company Jeju Air to customize one of the airplanes with the photo of the BTS member. Although the fan club was sanctioned by the new regulations in China because of this gift, it remained as one of the most notable projects of Jimin’s birthday.

K-ARMY group and ALLFORJIMIN_KOR fanbase decorated Common Ground Mall , a busy tourist space that is famous in Seoul for its container infrastructure.

JIMIN BAR CHINA also hired a panel in Shinjuku, Japan, with 3D effects for an advertisement for Jimin’s birthday.

The fans of BTS in South Korea also prepared details for Jimin right in front of the building Hybe Entertainment one of the places where these panels are more likely to be seen directly by the idol.

In addition to a banner almost 34 meters long, the fanclub installed an art space with bubbles where ARMYs can take photos.

Jimin is the birth name of BTS’s idol, but behind it there is a deep meaning. According to the ARMY comments and it became known when the idol debuted in Bangtan, The meaning of Jimin’s name: “wisdom and you will be higher than heaven.”

The education Jimin covers different areas. According to his profile, when he was little he was educated at Hodong Elementary School and then at Yonsan Middle School. Before becoming a trainee, she entered the Busan High School of Arts and excelled in the modern dance department.

Already as a Big Hit Entertainment trainee, Jimin joined the ranks of Korean Arts High School, a private institution that officially closed in 2019.

Park Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, so he is actually 26 years old. However, in South Korea it is common for one more year to be added due to its cultural tradition, which is why Jimin is 27 years old Korean.

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