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a chain of questions on the primary trailer of Ant-guy and The Wasp: Quantumania

wonder Studios surely knew how to beat the target market whilst Black Panther changed into approximately to hit theaters however nevertheless launched a trailer for Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The trailer additionally increases loads of questions for me about what’s going to show up with the overpowered solid of characters.
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly return as Ant-guy and the Wasp along Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne and now-adult Cassie Lang. The villains also appear in the trailer, I saw Kang the Conqueror for the first time in addition to a glimpse of MODOK. join me in answering 10 questions after surprise released the trailer for Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania. !
Who helped Cassie Lang generate the quantum signal?
as the trailer starts, Scott Lang mentions that they can do more to assist others. Cassie stated that “they” constructed this sign for the quantum realm, a good deal to Janet Van Dyne’s panic.
I recognize that Scott Lang is sensible, however Cassie makes it clean that that is the first time his father has visible the tool. So who helped Cassie make this tool and is it the purpose to trap the heroes?
What occurred to Janet Van Dyne in the quantum realm?
Given the panicky response, I guess something awful happened to Janet Van Dyne even as she turned into within the quantum realm. Too horrific she failed to tell everyone about it, not even Hank Pym. that is what occurs inside the movie, as Janet meets people she knows from the quantum realm.
The large secret that Janet protected might probable be extreme enough to position all and sundry she cared about in danger. therefore, I assume Janet could be extraordinarily essential in this film.
what’s the Quantum Realm?
The MCU delivered the idea of ​​a Quantum Realm within the first Ant-man film. At that factor, Ant-guy withdrew into it and feared he might lose the whole thing. inside the 2nd movie, he learns that he can move there and save Janet Van Dyne. As I imagined, there are numerous residing matters inside the quantum realm, however what’s this area, and how does it engage with and affect the Earth itself? you have to visit the theater to see it.
is that this the metropolis of Chronopolis?
fanatics of Kang within the comics, in addition to the ones who’ve played the Lego wonder amazing Heroes 2 video game, understand what Chronopolis is all about. this is the house of the destiny Kang, a city where he guidelines and oversees every country he has ever conquered, whose round form is powered by using a massive amount of electricity.
The metropolis in the Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania trailer is also pretty similar, every person! Is it feasible that invoice Murray’s Krylar changed into a diplomatic chief inside the metropolis working below Kang?
Will Cassie come to be status?
inside the comics, Cassie Lang will become a hero named Stature after her father fades away. despite the fact that she has now not proven electricity like within the comics, she wears an outfit precisely just like the authentic in this trailer, which makes me bewildered whether we have to say goodbye to Scott Lang or now not?
on this scene, Ant-man, The Wasp and Cassie are standing and going through Kang coming closer to them. Cassie has a costume of her own. This looks like the film wherein Cassie will become Stature or Stinger, that may bring terrible luck to Scott Lang.
What does Kang want Ant-man to do?
He Who remains proved from his first appearance in Loki that he’s a master manipulator. before Sylvie did, he informed her that there have been infinite other editions that were extremely evil. that doesn’t bode nicely for Ant-man as this Kang wants to make a deal.
in case you’ve noticed, Ant-guy has usually been a heist movie, and this one seems to be no distinct. Kang offers to help Ant-guy go back to his world if he brings returned some thing for him. What does Kang want, and will this lead to the massive phase five battles with Kang and the Avengers?
What approximately MODOK?
a few interesting searching characters that came out to confront Ant-guy are MODOK as the query above, i’m guessing that Ant-man probable has to thieve it from MODOK The question stays, MODOK and the actual role. what is this individual’s on this film?
Will the fantastic four seem or now not say a word?
There had been a lot of rumors that The super four could debut in Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania and of direction any such wonder will not be included in the trailer!
What if the notable 4 had lived inside the Quantum Realm all this time to prevent this Kang from escaping to Earth. Will Scott be capable of drop Kang onto Earth and additionally be liable for the exquisite four’s arrival in the MCU?
Will Ant-man fly away on this movie?
What the MCU has been doing is bringing back the following era of heroes. Iron guy isn’t any more and Riri Williams will debut in Black Panther: Wakanda all the time. Hawkeye seemingly passed his name directly to Kate Bishop. there may be a brand new Black Panther coming soon. Is it time for Cassie Lang to update her father in the MCU?
Cassie has a dressing up and is probably to have powers. i am now not geared up to say good-bye to Scott Lang or Paul Rudd but, but it looks like we have to prepare, oldsters!
those are the questions i ponder after poring over the Ant-man and The Wasp: Quantumania trailer. The MCU is increasing and audiences like us like to hypothesize. We simply have to wait till the movie hits theaters to discover!

Ousmane Dembele Worried about the reaction of the Camp Nou

Barcelona to kick Ousmane Dembele from Camp Nou soon, Camp Nou reaction to Ousmane Dembele The forward might be whistled by supporters

Barcelona director , Mateu Alemany Font, insists Ousmane Dembele does not want to extend his contract at Camp Nou. Alemany also wants to sell Dembele in the 2022 winter transfer market so that the French player does not leave for free at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

As is known, Dembele has not agreed to a contract extension offered by Barcelona. In his contract, the 24-year-old player must be willing to get a salary reduction.

Barcelona is currently experiencing financial problems that have forced them to lower the salaries of some of their star players. This is believed to be the reason Dembele has not agreed to a new contract from Barcelona.

Dembele’s attitude made Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernandez, furious. He also reportedly gave an ultimatum to the player. The Spaniard coach confirmed to Dembele to agree to the offer or leave Camp Nou as soon as possible.

Now, it’s the Barcelona director’s turn to speak up. Alemany said it was clear Dembele would not renew his contract with the Blaugrana.

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Alemany asked Dembele to leave the Camp Nou as soon as possible. He hopes that players with French passports can be sold in the transfer market this winter.

“We told Dembele he had to leave immediately. We hope Ousmane will be sold before January 31.”

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 on Netflix: when will the new season be released

The original story has 130 chapters, which were published between 2009 and 2011, therefore, there is enough material for a second season of “All of Us Are Dead Season 2”.

Although not all the protagonists of “All of Us Are Dead 2” (“All of Us Are Dead” in English) survived until the end of the first season, those who made it are in the quarantine zone trying to resume their lives and at the same time find more survivors of the zombie virus.

For now,Netflix has not confirmed a second installment of the Korean series written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee JQ and Kim Nam-Su, but everything seems to indicate that the story of the group of students who managed to escape from the zombies is not over yet.

Especially since the webtoon “Naver Now at Our School” by Joo Dong-geun, on which it is based “All of Us Are Dead 2”, has 130 chapters, which were published between 2009 and 2011, therefore, there is enough material for a second season or even more.

The second season of “All of Us Are Dead 2” does not have a release date yetNetflix, but the new episodes will most likely hit the streaming platform sometime in 2023.

Although everything will depend on the start of filming of the new installment. The first installment premiered on January 28, 2022, therefore, in the best case, the new batch of chapters could be available in early 2023.

However, if there is any filming delay or other inconvenience, the second season of “ All of Us Are Dead ” could be released by the end of next year or even later.

At the end of the first season of ” We’re Dead ,” the students make it to the quarantine zone, but are overwhelmed by their tragic losses. One of the last to die was Cheong-san, who was attacked by Yoon Gwi-nam who has a mutated version of the virus, just like Nam-ra. Although she still insists on biting humans she is reluctant to do so, and when she loses control she decides to leave the group to protect them.

Four months after the blast, Hyosan residents remain in quarantine, the blast hearing has been postponed, specialists have yet to identify the virus, and students cling to the hope of finding any survivors.

“ All of Us Are Dead 2 ” ends with the protagonists reuniting with Nam-ra and asking her to stay with them, but she prefers to look for others who are neither human nor zombie. What will happen in a second season? What will happen to the group? Will they find a cure for the virus? Did Cheong-san really die? Who else is like Nam-ra?

Netflix Streaming:

All of Us Are Dead 2

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Episode 1

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Episode 2

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Episode 3

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Episode 4

5 new series to watch this weekend on Netflix

Anew weekend arrives and in times of omicron many people choose to stay at home, either to take care of new infections or due to isolation due to the disease. In any case, take note of the following recommendations on Netflix to spend your time entertaining:

Spider Man No Way Home Streaming

Spider Man No Way Home Online

Sea of ​​Tranquility
‘Sea of ​​Tranquility’ is a one-season South Korean science fiction thriller . The story takes place in a dystopian future, when everything on Earth is more arid and natural resources are scarce: a group of scientists organizes a mission to the Moon to obtain samples in a mysterious area. When they get there, they realize that there was an abandoned base, a place where they will discover secrets and a possible answer to save humanity.

The divine gluttony
If you like Mexican food, this series is for you. A production was released on Netflix that tells the stories behind the micheladas and gomichelas, the burritos, the chilaquiles cakes and more delicacies of the Aztec country . The opposite of gourmet and refined food is seen, and it talks about what is eaten daily in the streets of the cities of that country. Note: you are very hungry.

file 81
Terror is once again the protagonist. Based on an American podcast, this series tells the story of a young man who is on a mission to restore old video tapes. What he discovers is related to a dangerous sect . The production, although it had a discreet launch, has managed to position itself within the trends of the month.

Juanpis Gonzalez
The character that Alejandro Riaño created a few years ago came to the streaming platform with a production with all the ingredients of black humor that characterize him. It tells the story of a young man from the upper class, classist, xenophobic and racist who seeks to prove to his grandfather that he is capable of inheriting the family business. It stars the Bogota comedian and Carolina Gaitán.

TV soaps
If you are a fan of Colombian soap operas, you can relive several of the successful productions that are uploaded on Netflix. The most recent is the new version of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ , starring Laura Londoño and William Levy. On the platform you can also find ‘New rich, new poor’, ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’, ‘Pablo Escobar: the pattern of evil’ and ‘The queen of flow.

Popcorn Time, the illegal online movie streaming service

The Popcorn Time app, with its famous popcorn cartridge icon, disappears and stops working . Since it appeared in 2014, it turned the online viewing of all kinds of movies into something as simple as enjoying streaming platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video with one important caveat: it was as free as it was illegal.

It was enough to install the app and search for the title of a movie or a series and, on P2P protocols such as those that allow exchanging files , instead of downloading the content, it was reproduced via streaming.

This meant that Popcorn Time developers were subject to legal prosecution by the holders of the intellectual property rights of the content that could be accessed on the platform.

Although the statement that announced the cessation of the platform’s operation does not make any reference to these legal procedures, the reason could have been that from the Hollywood studios a legal persecution was initiated not against the platform itself but against individual users , accusing them of illegally downloading protected content.

The answer from Popcorn Time has always been that they did not host content but simply offered the platform through which users can access content hosted on other users’ own computers, the basis of the P2P system (peer to peer, or communication between pairs).

The original creators of Popcorn Time themselves left the project shortly after bringing it into shape in 2014, but as an open source platform a community of developers emerged that has since allowed it to continue operating.

In fact, since then it has gone through different stages in which it stopped working and returned to life, encouraged by different generations of these developers who now seem to have put an end to the activity permanently.

If you want to watch movies and series for free and legally on the Internet, here are some options.

Platform Movies Streaming Now:

Spider Man hd

Matrix4 hd

Spider Man Sin camino a casa

spider man espanolas

spiderman 2021

spider man online

Ether superará a Bitcoin en 2022 top 10 predice la investigación arcana

El equipo de Arcane Research ha presentado algunas predicciones y posibles escenarios para el mercado de divisas digitales en 2022.

Ha sido un año muy emocionante para el espacio de la moneda digital. Los comerciantes navegaron una marea de memecoins a lo perrito en medio de una tendencia alcista que favoreció principalmente a las altcoins . Bitcoin resistió la censura de China y se fortaleció como tapadera, ya que Ethereum también mostró un sólido crecimiento.

Pero ahora, dos días antes de fin de año, muchos se preguntan qué esperar para 2022. El equipo de Arcane Research ha presentado algunas predicciones y posibles escenarios para el mercado de divisas digitales.

En su último informe semanal, los analistas presentaron un análisis integral del período 2021, repasando algunas de las narrativas que definieron el año. En términos generales, Arcane Research resumió el año en cuatro titulares. De acuerdo con cada período de cuatro meses, la tendencia se concentró en: corporaciones que agregaron Bitcoin a sus balances; minería de Bitcoin y prohibición de China; un país adopta Bitcoin ; y finalmente ETF y metaverso.

Una mirada a 2021: Bitcoin, Ether y BNB
En su informe, Arcane Research coronó las criptomonedas ganadoras y describió el año como una ” montaña de emociones ” para los inversores del mercado. A pesar de atravesar un 2021 muy volátil, la criptomoneda más grande experimentó un aumento de precio de alrededor del 95% y vio como el mercado de valores y el oro obtuvieron mejores resultados. Sin embargo, fue un año dominado por altcoins .

“ Si bien bitcoin mostró su fuerza en 2021, hemos visto un flujo constante de capital filtrándose en altcoins. “, Escribió Arcane en su informe, y continuó:

Durante los primeros cinco meses del año, bitcoin perdió continuamente su dominio a medida que los comerciantes recurrieron a altcoins […] En estos meses hubo una mezcla de bombas “estúpidas” en memecoins y la fuerza DeFi de Ethereum. Actualmente, vemos la narrativa y el impulso más fuertes entre los “asesinos de ETH” y los tokens relacionados con GameFi y metaverso.

En cuanto a Ethereum , el equipo destacó la ruptura del rango de varios años en el par ETH-BTC como una tendencia predominante del año. “ Ether se ha destacado en lo que va de año, casi un 500% frente al aumento de Bitcoin […] Esta brecha de rendimiento es la más amplia desde 2015, cuando se lanzó Ethereum. “, Aseguraron.

Sin embargo, la criptomoneda estrella de 2021 fue Binance Coin (BNB), según el informe . El token nativo del intercambio, Binance, superó a las tres principales criptomonedas por su capitalización de mercado en términos de ganancias, y se posicionó como el ganador con un aumento del 1,344% . Este aumento coincidió con el crecimiento del ecosistema financiero descentralizado. (DeFi) de Binance Smart Chain (BSC) que capturó parte del Ethereum este año agregó Arcane Research .


spider-man-sin-camino-a-casa pelicula






Rendimiento de las tres principales criptomonedas más grandes (BTC, ETH, BNB) en 2021 – Arcane Research
2022: XRP y ADA perderán sus lugares en el top 10
Entre las predicciones para 2022, la investigación sugiere que las economías globales seguirán viendo un aumento en las tasas de inflación, un fenómeno que podría seguir favoreciendo la narrativa de Bitcoin como reserva de valor, como se observó este año.

En general, el equipo de Arcane Research no predijo muchos cambios para la criptomoneda insignia. Como resultó este año, dijeron que en 2022 Bitcoin volverá a superar al S&P 500, uno de los índices bursátiles más importantes de Estados Unidos. Para la segunda criptomoneda más grande, el informe predice que ETH continuará superando a BTC, pero no superará la capitalización de mercado.

Arcane también destacó que los proyectos de Layer 1 denominados “ ether killers ”, What Solana , Avalanche y Terra , seguirán ganando terreno en 2022, tendencia que se afianzó este año. Mientras tanto, las memecoins “ se desvanecerán en la oscuridad ”, pronosticaron los analistas, y se convertirán en una “ reliquia histórica de los absurdos tiempos que fueron 2021 ”.

Ciertamente, una de las predicciones más audaces de Arcane estaba relacionada con algunas de las principales altcoins . Según la investigación, 2022 podría ver a Ripple (XRP) y Cardano (ADA) caer fuera de las 10 mejores clasificaciones por capitalización de mercado.

Las 10 principales criptomonedas por capitalización de mercado – CryptoMarkets
La que alguna vez fue la tercera criptomoneda más grande por valor de mercado, XRP, ha caído de la posición de liderazgo, en parte debido a la batalla en curso de Ripple con los reguladores de EE. UU. XRP actualmente tiene un precio de USD $ 0.8.

Por su parte, ADA, que registró un asombroso aumento del 429% a principios de año, ha retrocedido en el último trimestre. El aumento lo colocó entre los cinco primeros cuando alcanzó un máximo histórico de $ 2.9 en septiembre. Pero desde entonces ha caído más del 50% para cotizar a 1,3 dólares.

Spider Man: No Way Home Breaks 2nd Highest Box Office Movie Record at Opening

Although the pandemic is not over, the cinema business is starting to be flooded again with viewers. Sony Group Spider Man No Way Home broke the record for the second highest box office movie in its opening day after Avenger End Game. Citing Bloomberg, cinemas are projected to collect about US$4 billion in ticket sales in the United States this year. This achievement, down from before the pandemic in 2019 which reached US $ 11.4 billion.

The movie has delivered the best opening night of all time for cinema chain Cinemark Holdings Inc. Boxoffice Pro estimates its North American opening weekend of $224 million.

The same goes for the largest theater operator, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, which scored its biggest-ever December opening night, with 1.1 million admissions, and the second-highest of all time.

Spider Man No Way Home has provided a much-needed surprise to theaters that have endured months of closure due to the pandemic. Followed by various movies that were postponed until they failed to show.

“This far exceeds the record high pandemic-era opening weekend nearly three months ago by the ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ studio, Sony said.

Sony is now projecting ticket sales to hit $242 million this weekend. An increase, exceeding the previous three-day target of US$ 130 million. So, this projection will beat Venom’s first week of broadcasts worth US $ 212.4 million.

“Opening day for Spider Man: No Way Home has massively exceeded previous expectations of $100 million for the weekend, Estimated weekend, surprisingly placing it among the top 5 openers of all time,” said Paul Dergarabedian, media analyst. senior market researcher Comscore Inc.

Not only Spider, the first Marvel movie featuring Asian actors as the main actors is selling well. The movie has grossed $53 million at the global box office in its second week of release in early September 2021.

The movie with the title Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings earned US$29.3 million in domestic box office sales. Meanwhile, in the international market, Disney earned US$ 23.4 million.

The movie was released at a time when conditions were dangerous for the cinema industry. Delta’s recent surge in Covid-19 variants has left cinemas struggling to match last year’s box office figures .

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Spider Man No Way Home Online

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Danny Elfman composing the theme for the Wednesday Netflix series

Earlier this year, we found out that Tim Burton is directing and producing the Netflix series, Wednesday , about The Addams Family character, Wednesday Addams. We will follow her in this eight episode series next year. Now, Burton has chosen a songwriter for Wednesday’s theme , Danny Elfman!

Are we really surprised Tim Burton brought in Danny Elfman? These two are like peanut butter and jelly. It’s obvious that they go so well together and have worked together on so many projects like The Nightmare Before Christmas , Sleepy Hollow , and Beetle Juice . The single most iconic duo in film and film music may be George Lucas and John Williams. However, it could be argued with Spielberg and Williams. Regardless, Williams is the man! Elfman will also create more music for the show with Chris Bacon.

Wednesday Synopsis
Wednesday Addams misadventures as a student at Nevermore Academy: a very unique boarding school nestled deep in New England.

Wednesday’s attempts to master his emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous murder spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that involved his parents 25 years ago, all while navigating their new and highly tangled relationships in Nevermore. .

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Starring as Wednesday Addams is Jenna Ortega. It also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán as Morticia and Gomez Addams. This coming-of-age series should hit Netflix sometime next year.

What do you think of Danny Elfman composing the theme for the Netflix series, Wednesday? Are you looking forward to this series?

Popular Movie 2021:

Spider-man No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home pelicula

Spider-Man: No Way Home HD

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Gratis

Spider-Man: No Way Home 2021

Spider Man No Way Home The Critic Movie This is what says about the long-awaited Tom Holland

Spider Man: No Way Home, Spider Man: No Way Home in Marvel, Spider Man: No Way Home Movie, Spider Man: No Way Home on December 16, Spider Man: No Way Home The Critic, Spider-Man: No Way Home release date Disney Plus, Spider-Man: No Way Home release date countries, Spider-Man: No Way Home release date trailer, Spider-Man: No Way Home premiere tickets, Spider Man: No Way Home pelicula

Called a nostalgic journey through the cinematic legacy of Spider-Man, the new adventure of the arachnid hero opens on December 16 in Marvel.

We are days away from the premiere of the long-awaited movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and the anticipation could not be greater for the new adventure of Spider-Man starring Tom Holland. With the embargo already lifted for the US media, here we compile some criticisms of the film.

A.A. Dowd of The AV Club website highlights the ability to feature such hilarious moments as “Avengers: Endgame”: “There are moments here that will likely inspire comparable choruses of applause; by opening a wormhole in the multiverse of previous Spider-Man movies. Man, Marvel and Sony have made something of a Spider-Man sequel for all occasions, cleverly designed to hit a whole range of nostalgia centers.

Insider’s Kirsten Acuna is enthusiastic about the movie, calling it the first event since “Avengers: Endgame” to merit a movie visit. “This is it. This is the film you want to experience with other people. You want to clap, yell, and comment collectively. Not all movies need that.

John Defore of The Hollywood Reporter has a favorable opinion of the film, although he compares it negatively with the success that the animated film “Into the Spider-Verse” was: “That fun and exciting adventure was so fresh, fun and exciting that, in By comparison, ‘No Way Home’ can only seem boring, as it draws on the novelty of faces we haven’t seen in a while and builds up to the kind of operatic emotional moments that previous Watts films tended to avoid.

Deadline’s Pete Hammond highlighted the quality of “No Way Home”: “This film does what the best films always do: it thrills you, moves you and makes you want to applaud in a crowded room. In light of the pandemic, this film is a holiday gift not only for viewers, but for exhibitors as well, because if ever there was a movie prepared to save the movie business – as Spidey always saves the day – it is this splendidly crafted ending.

Benjamin Lee of The Guardian has a mostly positive opinion of the film (3 out of 5 stars), considering that it would be “preferable to see a less convoluted plot built more from the desire to progress than to go back” and with the ‘fanservice’ ” as a driving force “. Despite this, he notes that the script is more coherent than it could have been.

Nick Schager of The Daily Beast highlights the growing prowess of both Tom Holland and director Jon Watts, who manages to deftly combine elements of Spider-Man’s present and past. “In a multiverse of infinite possibilities, Spider-Man: No Way Home suggests – with a measure of spirit and energy that surpasses its predecessors – that old can always be new again.

Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair highlights the performance of the actors, paying particular attention to that of the protagonist Tom Holland, who has to exercise his “emotional muscles”: “Holland has built a legacy that will endure for a long time in the firmament of Spider-Man You’d better go through the front door before you exhaust your welcome. The chances of that happening are, of course, slim.

Spider Man 2021 Release Now:

Spider Man: No Way Home 2021

Spider Man: No Way Home in Marvel

Spider Man: No Way Home Movie

Spider Man: No Way Home on December 16

Spider Man no way home the future that Sony and Marvel

Spider Man no way home: what is the future that Sony and Marvel have in mind for the spider man?
Spider Man no way home online officially opens this Thursday, December 16 in whole world and for weeks it has kept all fans excited by the alleged presence of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield with Tom Holland.

Spider Man 2021 Full movie

“Spider Man no way home” would close the trilogy of movie online directed by Jon Watts that began with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2017 and that although Sony and Marvel had a break after “Spider-Man: Far from Home ”in 2019, they were able to reach a new agreement that allowed them to make“ Spider Man no way home ”. In addition, this arrangement stipulated that the “Wall-crawler” would appear in another MCU movie that has yet to be revealed.

Would there be a new trilogy?
The producer of the Spider-Man movie online, Amy Pascal, recently revealed that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are already preparing the next trilogy of the Spider-Man after ‘Spider Man no way home’ with Tom Holland. Hours later, these statements were questioned, when Hollywood sources reported that there was no such agreement, at least not on paper.

At the premiere of ‘No Way Home’ in Hollywood, Sony Pictures president Tom Rothman referred to Tom Holland’s future as Spider-Man. “I confirm that my dear Amy is a very optimistic person. That is what I will confirm. The reality is that no, there is nothing established. Nothing is determined. But, on the other hand, anything is still possible, “said Rothman.

For her part, the Marvel Studios producer, Victoria Alonso, explains to Variety that the launch of a new trilogy depends on Pascal, according to her, Pascal is “the boss” of the characters related to Spidey: “God bless Amy. I’m in! Come on, I’m ready. If Amy said three movies with Tom Holland … you know, she’s the boss, ”she said excitedly.

What does Tom Holland say about making a new trilogy?
The protagonist of ‘No Way Home’ has also had to speak to the press on the subject. The actor, who had already stated that he did not see himself playing Peter Parker at the age of 30, limits himself to answering the following: “all I am going to say is that we have very, very exciting things to talk about. I don’t know what those things are or what they will come to mean. But it seems that there is an incredibly bright future ahead and, as I have said before, Spider-Man will always live in me. “

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Spider Man no way home online

Spider Man no way home HD

Spider Man no way home Movie

Spider Man no way home Free Online

Spider Man no way home 2021 online Movie

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ the new milestone of superhero films
‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ can mean a before and after in superhero movies, at least in those of the arachnid character. One of the most anticipated films of the year, it reached theaters around the world with one mission: to satisfy the already notable group of followers of this genre.

Behind her, the expectations were remarkable. Beyond seeing the dozens of spoilers and theories that were handled before its arrival, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ materialized, it had a great responsibility at its premiere so as not to disappoint viewers who, since the beginning of the pre-sale, they fought to be among the first to see the production.

The cards are on the table and the film had to show its entire arsenal. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ becomes the hopeful light on the road to the conquest of Marvel for its next productions. If it failed, it would be very difficult to take the course it has built over the years.

What could go wrong? The elements were in place: charming protagonists, a charismatic Tom Holland and a Zendaya with whom love crossed the screens, a prolific director at the helm with Jon Watts who seems to know the formula and the other announced casting that shows us the return of some of the villains from the previous Spider-Man films.

The date arrived. The long lines were made to wait. The fans were present characterized, many of them, with some element of the character: costumes of their most iconic suits, t-shirts with the insignia spider, the color red and blue, this was a party.

With each new scene the tension in the room increased. Suddenly, screams of excitement; the action came hand in hand with the laughter. The mystery was left behind and great secrets were revealed. Marvel listened to its audience and thus built one of the best films of the franchises based on the requests of its followers.